This website is no longer available. Please visit our new website at - this will feature both Jersey and Michigan locations. Be sure to follow the Michigan location.
Next Step Broadway’s mission is to provide an environment where all ages and levels can experience the joy of expression through dancing, singing, acting & much more.

We feel that by instilling these crafts in a positive, joyful way students will make it a part of their lives creating a connection with the whole self- mind, body, and soul.

Instructors will introduce knowledge of technical, musical, creative, and performance skills, and will develop these skills for all levels. This developmental program builds confidence, self-esteem and coordination to create a well-rounded whole artist.

If your child is between the ages 2 and 18, then come visit us. We have a variety of dance, voice and acting classes you can choose from. If you need help enrolling your child, we are here to help! Call us at 248-901-4454 or email us at